Reasons to Visit Our Farmers' Market

  • Taste Real Flavors
  • Explore New Spices & Produce
  • Nourish Yourself
  • Know the Origin of Your Food
  • Support Local Farmers & Vendors
  • Promote Humane Treatment of Animals
  • Discover Artisans
  • Pet Friendly
  • Connect with Your Community
  • Enjoy the Season!



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Virtual Market - Open All Year

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July 11, 18, 25

August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

September 12, 19, 26

(Closed September 5)

on East Main Street between

Broadway and Mary Streets
Noon - 3:00pm




NEW THIS YEAR - Fresh Access


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Click here for information from the county Health Department regarding Farmers Market Green Phase Guidelines.

Allegheny County Health Department Farmers Market Rules
  • Practice 6-foot social distancing. Be respectful of vendors & fellow shoppers.
  • Face masks or coverings are REQUIRED.
  • Sampling & eating food on-site is PROHIBITED.
  • Handling products is PROHIBITED. Vendors will package for you.
  • Vendors will not handle personal shopping bags. Remember to wash them regularly.
  • Follow any posted signage.
  • The number of shoppers may be limited at times, please be patient.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.
  • When possible, use exact cash or credit/debit cards.
  • Wash your hands before & after visiting the market.


Primrose Farm, McDonald, PA

Join us in welcoming Primrose Farm from McDonald, PA, a local and sustainable farm offering a wide variety of produce, jams, jellies, pickles, honey, herbs, spices, eggs, and free-range pastured chicken, turkey and beef. In addition to farm fresh chicken and quail eggs, Primrose Farm offers rich, velvety duck eggs from Zuback Farm and fresh honey and salsa from Big Bob's Local Honey.

PRIMROSE FARMS raises chickens, turkeys, ducks, and beef cattle with humane treatment and a quality of life that are key factors in their operation PRIMROSE FARMS uses a natural GMO-free diet with NO hormones or antibiotics.


The Bluegrass Kitchen & Mobile Cafe, Sharon, PA

A 1994 graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, Chef June honed her expertise and developed a passion for vegetarian and vegan cooking while working in restaurants and as a personal chef for 20 years. Now Chef June and her husband Chef Rick are the owners of The Bluegrass Kitchen vending at many festivals, concerts, weddings, and farmers markets featuring authentic style French crepes with eccentric fillings to please any palate. Crepes are made while you watch using Appalachian inspired ingredients such as beets, Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, as well as authentic French. Gluten free.

Chef June's website   



D & O Wine Cellars, Crafton, PA

A small family-run winery that takes pride in producing a quality product that will surely be enjoyed by all.

D & O offers a reasonably priced, versatile wine list. The Carnegie Farmers' Market is pleased to welcome them back for another successful season.

D&O Wine Cellars website   


Dry Red

Cabernet Sauvignon 18

Stockpile Red 18

Syrah 18

Merlot 18

Semi-Sweet / Sweet Red

Concord 15

Fredonia 15

Sweet / Semi-Sweet Blush

Isabella 16

Sweet / Semi-Sweet Blush

A-DO 15

Andrea's Whine 15

Destiny 15

Emily's Blend 15

Bella's Ring 16

Dry  & Off Dry White

Chardonnay 16

Off Dry White

Riesling 16

Pinot Grigio 16

Semi-Sweet / Sweet White

Niagra 15

Catawba 15

Diamond 16

Steuben 16

Fruit - New for 2019

Blueberry 16

Tart Cherry 16


Hey Tabouli! Lebanese Catering, Beechview, PA

Delicious Lebanese food with a wide variety of offerings including:

Chicken gnocchi soup

Hummus and pita chips

Lamb meatballs

Lamb stuffed banana peppers

Lebanese rice


Lubia - green bean and tomato

Spicy chicken

Stuffed grape leaves

Stuffed mushrooms with vodka basil cream sauce

Swiss chard with black eyed peas and spinach

Tabouli salad

. . . AND MORE


Dolcezza Dagny, Carnegie, PA

What does Dolcezza Dagny mean? Pronounced dol-chez-za, it can mean both something sweet and "sweetie" in Italian.

A small, independently owned dessert shop (with delivery service) based in Carnegie, PA. Cooking and baking are Dagny's passion. She makes all things sweet - basically anything you need, she can make it for you - made to order.Dagny always dreamed of starting her own business. It started a few years ago when she began baking pumpkin rolls for family and friends. Today, she bakes cakes for special occasions, cookie trays, nut rolls, cupcakes and more!




Mediterra Bakehouse, Pittsburgh, PA

Mediterra Bakehouse was founded on artisan baker principles with a passion to produce the finest bread from custom-built, stone-hearth, steam-injected ovens.

Why Buy Mediterra Breads?

  • Flavor - Mediterra bread is infused with flavor that lingers long after the loaf is gone.
  • Crust - There is no substitute for real crust.
  • Ingredients - Less is more. The finest breads require few ingredients. Mediterra uses the finest ingredients - unbleached and unbromated flours, filtered water, and sea salt.
  • Time - There are no shortcuts to greatness! Mediterra adheres to centuries-old baking techniques, allowing bread to slowly develop complex flavors. Unlike commercial bakeries who hurry things along with heaping amounts of yeast.
  • Mediterra Standards - If you don't enjoy your bread, Mediterra wants to replace it.


Carlos Aviles, New Castle, PA

Affordable, Sustainable Produce

Offering a variety of products including: brussells sprouts, asparagus, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potatoes, onions, radishes, cabbage, beets, zucchini, squash, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, plums, berries, watermelon, canteloupe, tomatillos, green beans, pinto beans, assorted colorful bell and hot peppers, habanera peppers, banana peppers, and flowers.


Full Moon Candle Shop, Carnegie, PA

Soy Candles

Full Moon Candle Shop is a small home based candle shop. We supply all your soy candle needs!



The Paddy Wagon Specialty Baked Goods, Dormont, PA

The Paddy Wagon-Specialty Baked Goods offers a variety of gluten free, vegan, and diabetic-friendly baked goods. CBD Baked Goods; 0% THC, are available upon request.

Breads  ~ Muffins

Biscotti  ~ Scones

Pies  ~ Baked Donuts  ~  Cookies

Gobs  ~ Cinamon Rolls



Classical Guitar by Will
Carnegie, PA

Selections from classical composers and ambient improvisation.


Sample from Deutschtown 2019


website | website



Fresh Veggie Kits from Oak Hill Farm

Salsa Romano, Garlic Confit, Bab Ghanoush, Potato Leek Soup, Summer Vegetable Tian, Mixed Vegetable Slaw - each comes with fresh vegetables and a recipe for a quick and delicious dish that tastes great with their Angus Beef!


Oak Hill Farm, Avella, PA

Fresh Veggies and Beef

USDA Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program Participant

A family farm specializing in raising a variety of seasonal vegetables and vegetable transplants, hydroponic lettuces and pasture-raised Angus beef.

Oren and Beth Smith are PA natives who retired from the hectic city life and returned to their rural roots in 1984. They are committed to providing fresh, nutritious, and delicious vegetables and lean Angus beef and to preserving and protecting the land and natural resources that make these products possible.


Oak Hill Angus Beef & hydroponic lettuces

fresh produce including: cabbage, beets, lettuce and greens, onions, leeks, garlic, chard, potatoes, kale, beans, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, peppers, summer squash, and tomatoes



Heritage Craft Butchers, Marianna, PA

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Duck, Charcuterie & Saucisson

High quality, locally-raised, heritage breed meats with additional services including: Butchery Clinics, Butchery Bags and Dining experiences in their Marianna shop.



Wax Melt Sprinkle Bar       

Pink Zebra, Carnegie, PA

Soy Fragrance Sprinkles









Olive & Marlowe

Pittsburgh's Premier Purveyor of

Olive Oils & Vinegars

Olive & Marlowe, Pittsburgh, PA

Olive Oil, Vinegar, Honey & Gifts

Heather has attended courses at the University of California Davis' Olive Center, where she learned how to differentiate between olive varietals, detect defects and a wealth of information about chemistry makeup, nutrients and health benefits, effects of storage conditions, and how to best enjoy different oils with foods. Her goal is to provide the best olive oils from small, domestic-only producers but to also provide education on on the products she carries.



Biber Family Farm, South Fayette, PA

Locally grown, affordable produce

Kevin's goal is to provide the highest quality locally grown produce. He does not use pesticides, herbicides, or non-organic chemicals in his crop production.


Kona Ice of Pittsburgh West

Shaved Ice

Fruit is the Number 1 ingredient - No sugar water.

Choose as many flavors as you like!

If you are looking to bring smiles to people of all ages? We have the answer! Kona Ice is the coolest shaved ice truck in town.


Kurbside Kona  |  facebook

Call Heather at 412-680-4553


Pure PA maple syrup and honey.

online shop
Email | (570) 772-2420


website | facebook
10% of online sales will be donated to www.FeedingAmerica.Org

Paul Family Farms Recipes




Aunt Carol's Gourmet Dips
Oils, Veggie Dips, Cheesecake & Dessert Dips

Aunt Carols Gourmet Dips is offering FREE SHIPPING, when you purchase from our website, 6 dips for $19.00.
We are also going to give you a FREE DIP of our choice, for being our LOYAL CUSTOMERS!

Email  |  (724) 544-5089  |  website  |  facebook


Twin Brook Dairy Co.
Because we're local our milk is always fresh.

For three generations, we’ve been raising heritage breed dairy cows on our family farm in Western PA to produce the best-tasting milk you ever did dunk a cookie in. Each of our cows has up to 8.5 acres to roam and graze on the best possible pasture. They give us exceptionally delicious, nutrient-rich milk. Minimal processing means more flavor and nutrients, never additives.

Click Here to Shop  |  Email  |  website  |  facebook


Big Bob's Local Honey
Quality grown local food products. Free range cage-free poultry and eggs, and many other items!

Sweet Honey Jar
Spiced Mason
Moisturizing Lip Balm
Hot Smoked Pepper Spice
Click Here for 2020 Price List

Email | (724) 231-8977 | facebook


FunGal Farms
Locally grown gourmet mushrooms picked fresh every day!

Blue Oysters
Lion's Mane
King Trumpets

(412) 889-5899  |  Email

facebook  |  website


Indigo's Kitchen
Where art and food inspire the soul.
Fruit and savory pies from scratch. Vegan available.

facebook | facebook messenger

525 West Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106

Call (412) 577-9354 for details.

Delivery is available for elderly and disabled patrons.



Wigle Whiskey
Wigle is hell bent on creating a vital, educated community around the highest quality, most inventive, bursting-with-terroir fermented and distilled products in the world. We're strong believers of investing in our communities to support the agricultural, social and economic systems of which we are a part. Our innovation team devotes enormous amounts of resources into research and makes each one of our dozens of regionally inspired spirits from scratch with organic ingredients whenever possible. We never purchase spirits from bulk suppliers.
(412) 224-2827
website & online store  |  facebook  |  instagram



Threadbare Cider
Threadbare ferments fruit ciders, many of them apple ciders which are made from apple varieties that are native to our region. We love experimenting with different strains of yeast from all over the world and different types of aging processes, giving our products truly craft tastes. Inspired by the quirky Johnny Appleseed, we strive to support small growers while we work to bring amazing ciders to the masses!

(412) 224-2827

website & online store  |  facebook  |  instagram



Quantum Spirits
Grain to glass distillery located in Carnegie, PA we're "Reinventing Craft Spirits Through Science".
Our mission is to continuously innovate craft spirit production by exploring new technology, new methods and new ingredients. In doing so, we expand the universe of experiences that comes from sharing a really good drink with really good people and understanding the science that made it that way.

website  |  Click Here to Shop


Harmonize the Body
Featured Items
Disinfecting Spray
Bug Spray
Flea Spray
Tick Spray
Dog Spray
Hand Sanitizer
After Sun Spray
All Purpose Cleaner
Immune Boosting rollers
Stress Rollers
Sleep Rollers

Pillow Sprays
Fabric Sprays
Carpet Fresheners
Kids Rollers
I can make many more products
Call (412) 901-1469 8am-6pm or order on facebook or website


Arbor House Soaps
Arbor House Soaps is a small batch cold process soap making operation. Our handcrafted soaps are created by using a variety of oils and butters, natural clays and colorants, salts, botanicals, local honey, essential oils and fragrance oils. Arbor House Soaps uses organic ingredients wherever possible, resulting in a higher quality bar of soap that is better for both your skin and the environment. Our soap making process produces glycerin, a natural by-product and moisturizer, which commercial manufacturers remove. Arbor House soaps and other body products are a mild and pure way to gently cleanse and restore your skin.
Shop  |  Instagram  |  Facebook



Handmade face masks. Reversible, washable no ties or elastic.

I've developed a mask that is fully adjustable, machine washable, reversible, and--best of all--safe and comfortable.

Masks come in three sizes: adults and teens (they adjust--they will fit you!), pre-school children, and elementary school children. The masks for children adjust with a bead that is easy on tiny fingers.

Email  |  Facebook



Eccentricity Designs LLC
Experience shopping at a new level. Whether you stop and shop or shop on line you will find an evolution of items that speak unique including home, fashion, artistically created, gifts and more ...we don't settle! Great service, artistically designed, quality items and reasonable prices.... why would you shop anywhere else?

135 E Main Street, Carnegie   (412) 331-1047

website  |  facebook



Gryphon's Tea

At Gryphon's Tea, a homegrown Pittsburgh company, we're die-hard tea lovers, stewards of sustainable sources, and passionately dedicated to the tea experience. We're spreading our love of fine loose leaf tea throughout western PA one intentionally brewed cup at a time. We personally choose every ingredient that goes into our house blends to ensure a sensually steeped experience. Whether you select from our menu or ask for something specially made for you, you're sure to discover a tea you'll love. Let us be your guide as you explore a fascinating world of flavors, and find our center in the perfect cup.

website  |  facebook



Pawsitive Things Arts & Crafts

What started out as a hobby several years ago to occupy my time has grown to become a purpose. I craft a large variety of items to sell with a large portion of sales going toward the care of my rescue kitties. My crafts consists of sewn, crocheted,  knitted, woodworking,  painting and drawing. I make dog and cat toys, pet beds, dish towels, dish scrubbies, hair accessories,  jewelry, home decor, holiday decor, wind chimes, Afghans, and much more.

Cell: 412-295-0144



Maestro's Sauce Company

The story of Maestros' Sauce Co. begins where all great stories begin; sitting around a table full of wings and beer! Dennis, Justin, Andrew, and Ross were comparing sauces from our extensive collection, but noticed that there were flavors we still hadn't found in the market. Having made some sauces in the past, we decided to try our hands at it again. The first official sauce of Maestros', Curry Fury, was a hit among friends and family! Once we started getting requests for bottles, we knew we had something special.

We have two sayings when it comes to how we operate: "Flavor comes first", and "Try everything". Anyone can make a super hot hot sauce. The challenge comes with pairing that heat with amazing flavor, which is something on which we pride ourselves. We try whatever we think of with our sauces; if it fails, then so be it. We constantly challenge ourselves to be different and come up with great and unique flavor profiles.

facebook  |  email



Victoria's Fudge-a-licious

Home Made Chocolates & Candies

522 Valley Brook Road
Venetia, PA 15367




Locally produced jerky and smokies using Grade A meat and perfectly blended seasoning.
Our jerky is available in many popular flavors: mild sweet or hot!
Premium Quality Meat Jerky and Meat Sticks in a variety of flavors from mild to hot!

website  |  facebook



Costello Apiaries is a family owned and run enterprise. Following a deployment to the Middle East, the establisher of Costello Apiaries, an Air Force Aviation Officer, determined retirement was imminent and sought out a plan for the future. For Christmas that year he received from his children the book, "Beekeeping For Dummies". After reading it he determined, "I can do this." So it began, starting with 2 hives, followed by 7 hives, then 18, then suddenly 70 hives with 5 apiaries and growing.

He designed the "Smart Hive" which altered the paradigm of beekeeping, decreasing the workload of the bee yard manager and increasing the colony's winter survivability. It certainly didn't hurt to be located in southwestern Pennsylvania - an area noted for the finest wildflower and tree floral nectars.

From hive locations to production, the honeys are carefully developed cutting no corners. Costello Apiaries does not contrive development to enhance production. When the supply of a specific honey is out, it is marked as unavailable till next year. Enjoy!




Country Hammer Moonshine, Clairton, PA

Tim Baureis a former chef with a passion for food branched into making moonshine while living in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. He has created 20 one of a kind rotating flavors.

These incredible and unique flavors are: apple pie, banana cream pie, banana split, birthday cake, blackberry pie, butterscotch, caramel pie, chocolate caramel, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate peanutbutter cup, cinnamon candy, cinnamon toast, green apple, java bean, long island iced tea, orange dreamsickle, peaches and cream, rootbeer float, salted caramel, and strawberry cheesecake.

Must be 21 or older.

Country Hammer Moonshine website   


Studio Forget-Me-Not!, Carnegie, PA

As part of Not Forgotten Home & Community Services, Studio Forget-Me-Not! is dedicated to providing art services to individuals with special abilities. We focus on ABILITY and we assist in opportunities for individuals to sell and exhibit in a studio/gallery setting and in community events.

101 West Main Street, Carnegie, PA ~ 724-674-8856




Sandpiper Soap Company, Hermitage, PA

Owner Susan Crisan makes soaps completely handcrafted with the purest, finest oils ando ther natural ingredients for the ultimate luxury soap.


Divine Scentsations, Bellevue, PA

Debbie's Heavenly Scents and Moss Magick Botanicals

Debbie LOVES working in scent and finding wonderous ways to bring that scent into the world. She is sure you will find a scent you just can't live without.

Wendy's mission is to providing affordable, all natural, chemical and additive free skin care and beauty products made with flowers, herbs, and organic ingredients.



Handmade Products

Incense & Accessories

Essential Oils & Teas

Balms & Salves

Skin Care & Beauty Products

Candles & Accessories

Divine Scentsations website

Debbie's Heavenly Scents

Moss Magick Botanicals 


Hello Fresh

Cooking as Easy as Eating


Breaking Eggs Bakery, Carnegie, PA

Authentic Homemade Baked Goods

Sugar cookies, classic cookies, cupcakes, pies, mini pies, muffins, cakes and more. Currently located at the PA Market Courtyard in the Strip District, Breaking Eggs Bakery will soon be opening a brick and mortar location in Carnegie.



Origami PGH, Pittsburgh, PA

OrigamiPGH is a Pittsburgh based art brand that focuses on wearable art made from paper

What began as a hobby over 20 years ago has turned into a business. OrigamiPGH's earrings are hand folded using quality papers, assembled using sterling silver wire and french hooks, and finally sealed with resin. The process makes the earrings lightweight, durable, and water resistant! You will enjoy their work for many years to come!


Kilimanjaro Food Truck, Pittsburgh, PA

East African Soul Food

All the way from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and now available in the Pittsburgh area.



Totopo Food Truck, Mt Lebanon, PA

Mexican Food

Totopo is a vibrant celebration of the culture and cuisine of Mexico with a focus on the diverse foods served in the country. From Oaxacan tamales enveloped in banana leaves to the savory fish tacos of Baja California, you will experience the authentic flavor and freshness in every bite.

Why "Totopo"? It means tortilla chip in Nahuatl (the Aztecs' language) and that's how it is called everywhere in Mexico. We want to honor the legacy of the rich Nahuatl language that gave us the names for many of the foods that are part of the Mexican culinary palate: chocolate, tomato, and avocado just to name a few.

Totopo Restaurant is located at 600 Washington Road, Mt. Lebanon, PA




Carnegie Borough invites farmers, producers, crafters, artisans and shoppers to participate in its second annual summer Farmers' market.

Our primary goal is to improve the health of our residents while providing a venue where local vendors can offer a variety of fresh produce and related products to our community. We are working hard to enhance this initiative and hope you will join us in recognizing local farmers and businesses.

The Carnegie Farmers' Market will be held on East Main Street between Mary and Broadway every Sunday from 12pm-3pm beginning July 26 and ending October 25.

Vendor Application click here

Applications may be mailed or dropped off at:

Carnegie Borough Farmers' Market

One Veterans Way

Carnegie, PA 15106

2021 Season - Free

2022 Fees

Space Fee $10 per week or $100 per season

Food Truck $30 per week

Make checks payable to Carnegie Borough.

There are only a few spots left.



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