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World renowned New York-based artist and Carlynton alumnus Brian Alfred returned to Carnegie in September of 2021 to paint a mural of legendary jazz artist, Richie Cole. Cole made his home in Carnegie following a long and celebrated career, most notably as a musician with the Grammy winning vocal group, The Manhattan Transfer. Click here for information and to view photos of the mural located on 17 East Main Street and the unveiling.

Carnegie's first public art project is the concept, design and implementation of local artist Alicia Kesneck. The mural is located on the bridge connecting East and West Main Streets near the Historical Society. Alicia completed the project with Carlynton high school and elementary students and high school art teacher. Click here to view photos and to learn about the meaning of the flowers and how the project celebrates Carnegie's diverse heritage.


Artist Alicia Kesneck designed Monarch Butterfly Sculpture Pieces using recycled materials and installed them in the East Main Parking Lot Rain Garden. Alicia turned trash into treasure by creating pieces with Bishop Canevin students: Kelsey Adamski, Ayla Altman, Miriam Hardy, Addison Hillebrand, Gretchen Klauss, Alexis Leppert-Bell, Emily Maida, Clare Ruffing, and Hannah Zurbola. Mayor Stacie Riley has renewed her National Wildlife Federation Mayor’s Monarch Pledge for 2022 and this project fulfills an action item.

Mayor Stacie Riley presented rising Carlynton junior Leslie Rwigyema with the Mayor's Monarch Conservation Pledge Creative Award for her original poem "Lament for a Monarch Butterfly" on June 12, 2022 at Third Street Art Gallery. Leslie's freeform, lament poem shows empathy for the plight of the Monarch. The unrhymed structure and uneven stanzas dramatically symbolize habitat loss, fragmentation, migration, and movement.We commend Leslie for her creative contribution to "The Carnegie Monarch Butterfly Conservation Project."

Promoting nutrition and healthy eating through art, mARkeT was first implemented at the 2020 summer farmers market and has continued each season since. The primary teaching artist is Alicia Kesneck along with guests artists from Carlynton High School and face painters from the Carnegie Elementary School PTA. Using recycled materials when possible, mARkeT projects coincide with farmers market themes and our Fruit and Veggie Challenge that encourages young visitors to take a pledge to try a new fruit or vegetable.


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