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Leaf, Yard and Tree Trimming Collection.

NO GRASS clippings are collected at any time. The Carnegie Department of Public Works collects leaves curbside on a weekly basis. Leaves Only! Twigs, sticks and branches clog the leaf collection equipment. Please rake your leaves to the curb -- NOT INTO THE STREET -- as this can create a slippery situation for vehicles and/or create a storm water management problem. Final curbside leaf pickup is November 30. All leaves must be bagged after that date.  




Residents may place leaves and bagged yard waste at the curb, but only in proper paper lawn/leaf bags.

Bushes, hedges and tree trimmings MUST be securely bundled. NO LOOSE MATERIAL WILL BE TAKEN.

Residents should call the Department of Public Works at (412) 276-0111 to schedule pickup of yard residue.




Plastic bags or sacks are acceptable containers provided the bags are designated for waste disposal NOT LEAVES. Plastic bags must be strong enough to maintain physical integrity when lifted. The bags shall be securely tied at the top for collection, and a capacity of not more than 30 gallons or loaded weight of not more than 35 pounds. Yard waste shall be drained free of liquids before being placed in proper bags. NO garbage or other putrid waste can be included. Bags must be securely wrapped and/or properly tied.


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