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Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark




Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark Mission Statement:
Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark is a grass root community based effort to create an opportunity for communities to come together for a common goal of facilitating a state of the art multi-use park for skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX bike riders.  We strive to promote healthy physical activity, develop intergenerational cohesiveness, encourage self-esteem in those who gravitate toward individualized sports, and provide a safe and legal environment by expanding the recreational facilities to meet the needs of the community.

Photo Courtesy of Miki Vukevich,
Executive Director of the Tony Hawk Foundation



REGULAR HOURS - OPEN 9am-10pm 7 days per week
Closed during winter months unless weather allows for very dry conditions.
Questions, call 412-276-1414

The Story of Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark
Vincent Edward (21 years old) and Stephen Patrick Pitcher (19 years old) drowned while on a camping trip with their father, uncle, and friends. These brothers were found seven hours later, 100 feet deep, still holding onto each other. Vince would not let go of his brother, Stephen. They were two great young men who had many friends throughout our community and they touched many people in their short lifetimes.

They, like most young adults in our area, played many different organized sports, but in their spare time for relaxation and fun were avid skateboarders and bmx bikers. They had no where to practice their skateboarding, rollerblading and biking locally and had to do it on the streets or public parks. The street and sidewalks are not safe for obvious reasons and at school or business parking lots they become a nuisance to the police and merchants.

Skateboarding remains illegal in many communities and the people of the local communities recognize that and they have come together to donate in Vincent & Stephen Pitcher's name, a safe spot to give the Boarders, Bladers, and Bikers, a place to call their own so they can practice their sport of choice.

After 6 years, a lot of hard work and a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, Mary Pitcher opened Pitcher Memorial Skatepark in honor of her sons Vincent and Stephen on August 28, 2014

"IT WAS AN HONOR TO HOST TONY HAWK & THE BIRDHOUSE TOUR HERE AT PITCHER PARK! The sunny skies, the people who attended and the positive energy felt by all was AMAZING! The Tony Hawk Foundation and Tony are "one class act" and our involvement with them has made a huge difference in this project! We are proud to have had them "reach out" to us and grateful for their support that allowed one grieving Mother to realize her dream...to honor her sons building a facility that should have been available While they were alive! We wish to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT & THANK YOU to all who have been involved... it was a heck of a 6 year ride!" - Mary Pitcher

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