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Benefits may be available from counties through the Veterans Affairs Office. The benefits and eligibility requirements vary by county. Generally though, county veterans offices offer the following services. Please check with your local office to determine availability and eligibility of the programs.

Burial Allowance
A county burial allowance may be provided to veterans and spouses of deceased veterans. Applications usually have to be made within one year of the death.

Grave Markers
Most counties will provide a county grave marker to deceased veterans. The initial grave marker is provided free of charge by the county in which the deceased service person had legal residence at the time of death, regardless if the veteran died in the county or was buried in the county. Replacements of deteriorated or missing markers may be made by the county in which the veteran is buried.

Government/Private Headstones
A county headstone allowance is provided for qualified veterans by many counties. The one-time expense is paid by the county in which the veteran had legal residence at the time of death

Discharge Certificates
Discharge certificates are filed free with the Recorder of Deeds office.

Marriage and Divorce Records
Certified copies of marriage and divorce records are issued without cost to disabled wartime veterans or veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Copies also are given, free of charge, to dependents of veterans.

Eligibility for Interment

  • Any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who died on active duty, registered service as an enlisted person before Sept. 7, 1980, or as an officer before Oct. 17, 1981, and whose discharge or separation was other than dishonorable.
  • Any person whose first tour of duty began on or after the above dates if a continuous period of 24 months or the full period for which called to active duty is completed, or person was released for hardship discharge or has a compensable service-connected disability.
  • The spouse, widow, widower and minor children of the eligible active duty member or veteran.
  • Unmarried adult children of eligible active duty members or veterans, if they become permanently incapable of self-support because of physical or mental disability before turning 21.

Burial Costs
There is no charge for a grave in any of the four mentioned national cemeteries. Cemetery employees will open and close the grave and an appropriately inscribed flat granite marker will be provided by the government and installed by cemetery employees. The government also provides concrete graveliners at no charge. Other types of burial vaults or liners may be used; however, these must be privately funded. The services of the funeral director and related costs must be paid from private funds.

Assignment of Space
One gravesite is authorized for the interment of all eligible family members. Gravesites are not reserved before the time of need. When a death occurs and an interment in the national cemetery is authorized, grave space is assigned in the name of the active-duty member or veteran.

Arranging Burial
The person, usually a funeral director, making the arrangements should call the cemetery as soon as possible to apply for burial. The funeral director should have a complete copy of the veteran's properly signed discharge or the veteran's service number, Social Security number or VA claim number. (Anyone contemplating burial in a national cemetery should have a copy of discharge and statement of wishes immediately available to survivors.)

Military Honors
Military honors are not provided by the national cemeteries. Honors must be arranged in advance by the family or its representative. The staff will provide telephone numbers and locations of nearby military bases, but the commander of the base must determine if military personnel are available. Local Legion, other veterans' organizations, the National Guard or Reserve groups also may be contacted for assistance..

United States Flag
At the conclusion of the services for the present or former military personnel, the folded flag is presented by the cemetery representative or, if present, the honor guard.

Gravesite Decorations
Cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time. Metal temporary flower containers are permitted. Floral items will be removed from graves by cemetery personnel when they become faded or unsightly. Artificial flowers may be placed on graves during the period specified on the floral regulation sign. Plantings, statues, vigil lights, breakable objects of any nature and any other types of commemorative items are not permitted.

Memorial Section
Memorial markers may be requested to commemorate any veteran whose remains have not been recovered or identified, were buried at sea by one's own choice, donated to science or cremated and the ashes scattered.

Pa.'s National Cemeteries

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

  • 677 acres
  • Space is available for both casketed and cremated remains
  • There is a Memorial Section
  • There is no columbarium, only in-ground cremation burials are permitted
  • Committal services are available upon request

National Cemetery for the Alleghenies

  • 292 acres
  • Space is available for both casketed and cremated remains
  • There is a Memorial Section
  • There is a columbarium; however in-ground cremation burials are available
  • Committal services are available upon request.

Philadelphia National Cemetery

  • 13.3 acres
  • Closed to new interments, but space may be available in sites of previously interred veterans
  • There is a Memorial Section
  • Committal services are available upon request

Philadelphia National Cemetery

  • 205 acres
  • Space is available for both casketed and cremated remains
  • There is a Memorial Section
  • There will be a columbarium; however in-ground cremation burials are permitted
  • Committal services are available upon request.

All four national cemeteries' offices have hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, but are closed on weekends and all federal holidays except Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The cemetery grounds are open to visitors every day during daylight hours.

An Avenue of Flags is displayed on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other selected times during the year. The avenue is composed of interment flags donated by the next-of-kin of deceased veterans. Donation of interment flags may be made by personal delivery or by mail.

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
R.R.#2, Box 484, Annville, PA 17003  |  (717) 865-5254

National Cemetery of the Alleghenies
1158 Morgan Road, Bridgeville, PA 15017  |  (724) 746-4363

Philadelphia National Cemetery
Haines St. & Limekiln Pike, Philadelphia, PA 19138  |  (609) 877-5460

Washington Crossing National Cemetery
830 Highland Road, Newtown, PA 18940  |  (215) 504-5610


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